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Fallout 4 launch trailer

Just ahead of its worldwide release next week, Bethesda have released the final launch trailer for Fallout 4. Welcome home!

All new game play, tantalising plot tid-bits and a ‘meet and greet’ of all some of the characters make up this new trailer along with a good look at the post apocalyptic Boston scenery.

I’m looking forward to the release of Fallout 4, while many might see that its just Fallout 3, set in Boston, I see that as a plus! The previous titles have had such great reviews that you don’t need to make too many changes and add new elements just for the sake of it, you just want to take the winning formula and tweak it a bit to improve on what everyone already loves about the game! I think the changes they have made improve and expand on gameplay that people enjoy such as building and customising your house, character (who hasn’t sat for hours trying to create the perfect character!?), perks, combat and armour upgrades. For me the open world free roaming aspect is what keeps you coming back to Fallout, searching the map and looking for new places filled with the quirky humor Bethesda and Fallout is known for.

So┬ápack your bobble heads and ammo, check out the Fallout 4 launch trailer and prepare to take on Deathclaws with mini nukes on the 10th of November because war… war never changes!

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